What is Scentomania?

Welcome to Scentomania.com — the online fragrance exchange site for those who love scents, smells, and everything that goes with exciting your olfactory senses. If you’re crazy about how things smell, if you are always in discovery of new scents that trigger inspiration, emotion and memories, you will love exploring the features becoming a member of Scentomania offers you. We invite you to connect to a community and to buy and sell used fragrances in a bid/offer allowing two parties to make a fragrance exchange or purchase.

Do you get turned on by how someone smells? Are you often in search of new and exciting aromas? Does the smell of something make you smile? Do you easily tire of over the counter fragrances? Would you love to try rare or no longer available perfumes? If so, Scentomania is the place for you!

Exploring fragrance is endless as with each drop of fragrant liquid blends into a unique fragrance as it mingles with your body chemistry--unique and original to you as your fingerprint. If you thrill at the chance of exploring new and various perfumes both old and new as they create your fragrance signature, click here to join.

The scentomania community is where you can both offer and buy used perfumes and fragrances.